Accounting II (ICM)


The Accounting II Unit covers a range of studies to help you better understand the fundamentals of finance and accounting in business. We will look at how financial information is recorded and then used by organisations to help them make better decisions and, ultimately, make more profit.

What Will I Learn?

  • Read and interpret Australian Accounting Standards;
  • Identify and apply principles and regulations relating to financial accounting and the preparation of financial statements;
  • Apply the processes of recognition, measurement and disclosure of accounting information in the preparation of general purpose financial statements;
  • Critically analyse and interpret case information and be able to develop a convincing argument to present their views on relevant accounting issues;
  • Work either individually or in a group to solve problems and communicate understanding of issues relating to the preparation of financial statements.

Topics for this course

15 Lessons

Financial Resources and Business Planning

The role of the accountant00:00:00
Financial resources00:00:00

The Construction of Financial Statements

The Provision of Financial Information

Planning and Decision Making Accounting for Costs

Further Accounting Issues

About the instructors

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  • This course can be offered as a Single Subject Diploma in Accounting II or taken alongside other subjects for other certifications.
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