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For the past years, fashion design course has been closely associated with tailoring course, often considered the last resort after poor performance in school. This is both wrong and unfortunate due to the fact that the international market of fashion and design is one of the most thriving industry in the world that has employed millions of people, adding value and greatly propelling the economies of many nations. In Kenya for-example, there are many aspiring and gifted fashion designers with a passion and dream in fashion design and ready to move from just tailoring to become renowned fashion brands. This online course in fashion design is intended to meet the demand of those interested to pursue and take a professional dimension in fashion and design.

This Fashion and design course is encouraged for those willing to learn about fashion & new fashion and design technology. It is also encouraged for those who want to develop their skills to conceptualize fashion vision and materializing this through the use of modern technologies in fashion and design field.

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop a fashion and design solution with the modern technology in the international fashion and design market.
  • Translate fashion design ideas and vision into experiments and modern end products and relate them to fashion and technology.
  • Build up knowledge about the most contemporary and creative technologies in fashion design and develop ideas on sustainability from design to end product.
  • Work in an organized manner and communicate the learning process individually and as part of a team.
  • Turn your fashion and design passion into a successful business
  • Make basic and professional fashion and design patterns
  • Illustrate their fashion and design ideas using an international and professional standard
  • To promote an understanding of Fashion and Textile Design in relation to international needs of fashion design and the business to business textile products.
  • To provide hands-on experience using a set of complex technologies found in the modern fashion and design industry to build prototypical fashion solutions to solve current needs.
  • To provide experience in response to fashion and design market opportunities with creative and innovative products

About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • Lecture Videos, Demonstrations/ Illustrations, Study Notes, Assignments


  • This fashion and design is an open course

Target Audience

  • Aspiring fashion designers ready to use creative techniques to break into the fashion and design industry
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