Food & Beverage Management (ICM)

Topics for this course

75 Lessons

Introduction to Food and Beverage Management

Standard industrial classification
Sectors of food and beverage outlets
Cost and marketing orientation
The food and beverage function
The food and beverage function in context
Food and beverage management
Responsibilities of food and beverage management
Constraints to food and beverage management

Food and Beverage Outlets

The Meal Experience

Food Menus and Beverage Lists

An Overall View of Food and Beverage Control

Financial Aspects


Receiving, Sorting and Issuing

Food and Beverage Production

Food and Beverage Service Methods

Food and Beverage Production Control

Food Controlling

Beverage Control

Revenue Control – Control Systems – Operating Ratios

Food and Beverage Management in Fast Food and Popular Catering

Food and Beverage Management in Hotels and Quality Restaurants

Food and Beverage Management in Function Catering

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